We care for you


We care for your health

Corona Pandemic has meant that taking care of hygiene is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor. We try to give a safe environment for our guests by taking the following steps:

  • Ask us if you need a digital thermometer / oximeter / doctor assistance.
  • Hand sanitisers are available at entry, dining area, all floors for guest use.
  • Jai Niwas is SAATHI Certified as per Government of India guidelines. This self- certification by Quality Council of India and Ministry of Tourism gives us a good benchmark to follow.
  • Individual AC machines in each room, each room has openable windows and ventilation, natural light.
  • Open verandas, corridors and Non-AC Public areas make Jai Niwas pleasant and safer than centrally air-conditioned buildings.
  • All hotel details like wi-fi code, hotel facilities, room price etc. can be sent by whatsapp/email.
  • Housekeeping staff will ONLY enter your room when you ask for service.
  • We wash linen at 65 degrees, this ensures proper hygiene. We have a 6 stages machine wash cycle for linen and uniforms.
  • After wash, all linen is Sun dried and machine pressed at 135 degrees. Towels are partially sun dried and then dried in a steamer at 90 degree to ensure hygiene.

Jai Niwas takes care of our staff members to keep them and our guests healthy. All our staff is double vaccinated. We do regular heath check ups and check body temperature on staff arrival and departure.

We care for your special needs
  • Family managed, we are always ready and willing to get you that extra service that makes your stay welcoming and memorable.
  • Smoking discouraged : Specific non-smoking rooms.
  • Kids welcome : No charges for small kids, half charges for 5–10-year-olds.
  • Food allergies: Do mention any food allergies you may have; we will do our best to make food that is safe and suitable.
  • Lady Guests welcome : Family managed, we take special care to respect privacy and safety of lady guests. Visitors are discouraged from going on guest floors, there is no bar, event space, late night activity in our small hotel.
We care for your safety
  • Restricted entry to persons not staying with us.
  • Entire building is CCTV covered.
  • Family Managed, we are particular about visitors from outside.
  • No BAR, pub and discotheque/nightclub.
  • Firewall and unique id and password to each guest for accessing wi-fi.
  • We have fire escape plans in each room, glow in dark exit signs, and fire safety measures in place. There is no false ceiling in entire building.
  • We have an open kitchen that to are welcome to visit, we serve freshly prepared food.
We care for Lady Travelers
  • Entry to guest floors is restricted, visitors from outside are allowed only after the permission of the staying guests in limited numbers for limited time.
  • All floors and public areas are under CCTV surveillance.
  • Owner’s female family members are actively involved in the management of the hotel.
  • There is no bar / nightclub / disco on premises.
  • All rooms have a magic eye on the room door.
We care for your health

We believe that food should be fresh and nutritious, not just tasty. We serve simple, but fresh and healthy food that is good for your tastebuds as well as health!

  • Home like food freshly made.
  • Special dietary requests for old / sick guests and children are welcome.
  • Yoga classes held on request.
  • Ayurvedic massage available (off premises, under management of a certified ayurvedic doctor).
  • Breads, cookies, preserves made without using chemicals, artificial colours or preservatives in house.
  • RO treated water.
  • Doctor on call
We care for a more sustainable future
  • Use of liquid soap and other toiletries kept in dispensers. No generation of plastic waste due to small packs of soaps, shampoo etc.
  • Newspapers are provided on request.
  • We encourage guests to fill up RO water from Jai Niwas and reduce purchase of plastic packed water.
  • We only use locally made and great looking hand block prints or khadi handloom cloth for furnishings.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Chemical fertilizers are not used in gardening, harmful pesticides are used minimally.
  • Sewage water recycling.
  • Wet waste composting.
  • We use super-efficient heat exchange systems that give hot water in some of our rooms, and in exchange they produce cold air – our answer to global warming!
  • Though we are a small hotel we have many large trees all around the premises, potted plants and bonsai landscapes AND our Amer orchard has about 400 trees on it. We actively support afforestation and city plantation drives, our bit to help increase greenery and a saner lifestyle.